Monday, January 11, 2010

Another New Year...

THE HOLIDAYS are a blur and were rather uneventful for me other than drama of an unhappy sort through jobs and expectations from the world at large. Finally on the first day of this new year I was able to connect with my young ones and hug and be hugged which is always a blessing.

This year has had a rocky start but is full of promise in many ways. Travel figures in for me and plans are percolating now for a bit of excitement dangling as a carrot in front of me and leading me through the frigidity of winter. Early spring is promising air travel to points distant and I've renewed my passport with glee. It has been too long between trips as I think I've started growing moss over my feet.

Next, we are adding to the family by expecting! My second son and his wife are having a dear little one at the end of May and this will be the first to call me grandma! Also a first for my parents as a great-grandchild. Ultrasounds suggest this wee one is of the male sort and his parents are proud and beaming. The mama-to-be has that firm little belly started and everything seems to be moving along as desired. Naturally I have already knitted a few baby things but now that we have an idea of who our little one will be, more knitting is transpiring in the appropriate colors and designs.

In June we gain another family member, by marriage this time. Darling Daughter will be reciting vows with her young man in a simple ceremony. The girl is going no-frills and has no patience for all the endless details most brides demand. (Whew!) We plan a relaxed atmosphere in a cozy and unpretensious setting. Nice meal, there will be dancing and plenty of room for joy. And then? More dancing!

My hopes for all are that dreams will come true, homes will be happy, many blessings will be counted and that the year of 2010 will bring us closer to peace, love and true compassion one for another.


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